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Buck and Pole Fencing

Buck and Rail Fence, Jack Fence, Buck and Pole Fence

TM Fencing was built around the backbone of a buck fence. It is our signature fence! Our company’s initial roots found in Grand County, Colorado, had a high demand for fencing structures located in very rough and often times rocky terrains. Buck fence is a wonderful solution for nasty and uneven terrain types because it doesn’t require digging for post installations. Our buck fences are built from pine beetle mitigated trees, not only are these fences tough, sturdy and beautiful but they are renewable.

A buck and pole fence is a bulky, 3D style of fence that is constructed of two A-frame bucks spaced on average between 8 – 14 feet apart. The fence usually consists of 3 to 4 rails attached to the standing A-frames. Depending on your needs the fence structure can be built with more rails and at greater heights.  Buck fence is ideal for keeping in horses and cattle while discouraging wild game such as deer, elk and moose from entering your property. These fence structures are very durable and last decades with minimal maintenance.

Please spend a few minutes browsing through our fencing gallery to see a variety of different buck and pole fencing structures we have built.

Buck and Pole Fencing in the High Rockies

If you live in the high Rocky Mountain regions of Colorado and your property consists of uneven and rough terrain, a buck and pole style fence may be a perfect fit for you. This style of fence compliments the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

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