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Barbed Wire Fence | Grand County, Colorado
Barb Wire Fencing | Grand County, Colorado

Barbed Wire Fencing Installation

TM Fencing can assist you with your barbed wire fencing needs. A barbed-wire fence is often used as a perimeter boundary to fence cattle. Usually, five to six strands of barb wire are enough to keep cattle restrained for interior or exterior fences. If you have another type of livestock such as goats you may want to consider more strands somewhere between 8 – 10 to keep the barbed wire closer together and help restrain these smaller animals within the boundaries of your fence. Many horse owners prefer to stay away from using barbed-wire fences for the fear of the animal getting injured.

Barbed wire is both quick to install and also an affordable solution if you are needing to fence a large area. Before the construction of any fence, we recommend creating a plan and considering items such as the future sale of the property and what livestock will be kept on the property just to name a few. No matter what type of fence you decide upon after looking at your options you should make certain to have a fence constructed that is tall enough to keep animals within the fence and keep them from coming onto your property.

Take a look through our past completed fencing projects gallery to get an idea of the type of fence we can create for you.

Barbed Wire Fence | Grand County, Colorado
Barbed Wire Fence | Grand County, Colorado

Protect Your Home and Land with TM Fencing Barbed Wire Fence

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Interested in seeing some pictures from our previous installations, then flip through our projects gallery or contact us directly to get an idea for your next fencing project. For over 15 years, TM Fencing has proudly served and pleased many happy customers all throughout the wonderful and colorful State of Colorado.